Friday, May 22, 2009

McDonald's - Discrimination Against the Homeless

Mortified is a fragment of what I felt while purchasing breakfast at a McDonald's located in an affluent area of Los Angeles, CA.  A patron of the restaurant purchased a meal for a homeless person and asked that the meal be given to the homeless when they came in to the counter.  The manager of the location was taking the order and received payment for same.  When asked to give the meal to the homeless person when they came inside, the manager advised the patron that they would have to take to the meal the outside because the homeless were not allowed in the restaurant.  The patron strategically asked a series of questions to all of which the manager finally responded, "That's what they told me, I can not serve the homeless."  The patron tried to reason with the manager for awhile, but ultimately gave up due to frustration and since of bewilderment at such a discriminating policy.

In this grave economic climate, with more and more people becoming unemployed and the escalating numbers of those being displaced, one would think that an International Corporation like McDonald's would at best have a program in place to feed the homeless on a regular basis.  And certainly, at least be feed a homeless person for whom a meal has been paid.  Needless to say, I will be writing correspondence to Andrew McKenna, Chairman of the Board and to the Board of Directors at large.   They need to be reminded that we are all but a tragedy away from being in the same place as the homeless women that was refused service this morning.  

- There but for the grace of God, go I. (John Bradford)

Friday, May 8, 2009


I had a conversation with a very dear friend this week with respect to vision. While speaking with him at 10:30pm (he was still at the office) I was led to encourage him to rekindle his quest to be an entrepreneur rather than an employee. He has become comfortable with the plush salary, awesome benefits package, and perks second to none; nonetheless, he was still void of fulfillment and a sense of accomplishment. I challenged him to revisit that which he was holding on to but was yet to manifest - his VISION. His total fulfillment was certain NOT to come until he had walked in that which he was called do and that which he was called to be.

I was only able to encourage him to dust-off, revisit and implement his VISION because I had just had a meeting of minds with that consortium consisting of me, myself and I as recent as last week. All to often we are given divine revelation with respect to what which God has called us to do and be, and in a moment of panic, we let go of the vision that He has given...all because the vision tarries. This is certainly no coincidence, it is the strategic attack of the enemy trying to abort the vision. And your particular vision has been targeted because he knows how powerful it will be if its manifestation were to come forth.

With that mental overhaul and tune-up last week, I received more than enough to remind me that I am more than conqueror, to be steadfast, be persistent, and that it shall come to pass!

Here are a few steps that may help in the fulfillment of your VISION:

VISUALIZE the implementation of the VISION. Visualizing is creating a mental picture in your mind as to how the project, business, goal etc. looks. If you can see success, then you will be able to achieve success.

WRITE IT DOWN. Take your vision or goal and put on paper. When you write your goals down you are serious in making a commitment to achieve them.

DEVELOP A PLAN. A plan is essential for your success, you can not achieve your goals without one.

TAKE ACTION. Take your plans and break them into small accomplishable steps. That way you have no excuse not to take action.

HOLD ON AND PERSIST. Success comes to those that hold while others let go. so continue to hold on and persist until you achieve success.